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with Omega software

Omega software was developed as a special tool for measuring and analyzing vibrations and shaft power.

The software works in two modes: data registration and data reading. Both modes have the same functionality, and there is only one difference: in the Data Logging mode, the program stores raw data files, and the Data Reading mode works as a “data player” with saved data files. Thus, you can choose which data should be stored during the measurements, and then replay it for more in-depth analysis.


Below are some screenshots that show the main functionality of the software.

сlick on image to enlarge

сlick on image to enlarge

Omega supports parallel measurements for 6 torque/speed channels and 16 vibration channels. The different sensors installation angles are used for phase analysis

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Omega supports 4 types of gearboxes (trains 1 to 4). With a known number of teeth on the gears, it becomes possible to calculate the gear mesh frequencies (GMF)

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The torque channel calibration page gives you complete control over the process, assess signal and noise levels

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Real-time trends represent torque, speed and vibration channels. It shows power of the shaft, torque nominal, torsional vibration and torque pk-to-pk values

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FFT/waveform analysis with different filters is available for both torque and vibration signals

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Gearbox analysis page represents 3 graphs: Speed profile, Fourier Frequency Transform spectrum and bandpass filtered Waveform. The Waveform graph displays values for selected GMF (cursor on FFT spectrum) and each pulse represents a corresponding tooth on the gear

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Cascade FFT analysis shows a trend of change for Fourier Frequency Transform spectrums

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The polar plot demonstrates the behavior of the phase and its values ​​depending on the shaft rotation speed. In other words, it demonstrates the movement of the "heavy point"

We use our own design hardware for measurements. This is 8-channels device for simultaneous measurements torque and speed.

measurement hardware

channel-to-earth isolation (DSUB)

±10 V input with 500 kS/s sample rate

measurement hardware

Ethernet connection

9-30 VDC power supply

measurement hardware

Small form factor

Robust design

We use a self-developed multi-function device for testing and calibrating strain gauges and measurement equipment

strain gauge tester
strain gauge tester
  • strain gauge sensors testing
  • strain gauge calibration
  • adjusting "zero" and "gain" on the measurement equipment

In our measurements we use only high quality strain gauges that was made for us and have our company logo "MD"

strain gauge tester

Omega is not for sale!

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