CM+ Online Condition Monitoring system


Online Condition Monitoring system

CM+ is 24/7 online system for continuously condition monitoring, data recording and risk analysis. CM+ supports a wide range of rotating equipment and structures where vibration is the primary monitoring parameter.


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CSI 2140  Machinery Health Analyzer

CSI 2140

Machinery Health Analyzer

Maskindynamikk is a distributor of Emerson Process Management products, with an special emphasis on offline condition monitoring products.


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Omega tools - professional solution for periodic maintenance


Professional solution for periodic maintenance

"Omega" is a professional tool for shaft power,  strain gauge, vibration and torsional vibration measurements and analysis.



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Permanent Shaft power monitoring


Permanent Shaft Power & Vibration

measurement system

"OmegaPro" is a permanent system developed for measuring the power of the shaft, strain gauge and torsional vibrations, and the translation of the received values into the control system.


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