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Online Condition Monitoring of Rotating Machinery
In some cases online monitoring is a better, or maybe the only, option for monitoring:
  • In cases where the customer is in need of monitoring during an extended period of time.
  • It may be inconvenient to do traditional measurements due to space or other environmental limitations.
  • Another scenario may be monitoring for the purpose of detecting if or when some phenomenon occurs.
  • When the customer want real time data presented on a screen or through the existing control  system.
An online vibration monitoring system will always be better than an offline vibration monitoring system when it comes to:
  • Monitoring of several tags.
  • Online vibration monitoring will be able to collect much more data for trending and will therefore make it possible to do much better and reliable analysis.
Actions only possible using online vibration monitoring:
  • Continous monitoring
  • Continous alarm check
  • Built-in rules and conditions deciding which measurements should be done and how much data should be stored for further analysis.
We use PC-based solutions for online measurements. This makes us very flexible. It allows us to develop software especially designed for each case if necessary.
Periodical Condition Monitoring of Rotating Machinery
One of our services is design and introduction of systems and routines for reliability based maintenance of rotating machinery. Vibration analysis makes it possible detecting errors and damages at an early stage. This way repairs and maintenance in general may be scheduled days and weeks in advance. This is quite the opposite compared to periodic maintenance based on running hours.

We are offering the following services to our customers:
  • Selection of appropriate measurement equipment.
  • Advice concerning measurement points placement and mounting.
  • Definition of database and measurement route.
  • Initial measurements for reference and adjusting alarm limits.
  • Further measurements and/or analysis.
  • Measurements may be exchanged using the Internet.
  • Effects of Condition Monitoring.
  • Lower damage frequency and more important; less severe damages.
  • Reduced need for spare parts.
  • Easy scheduling of maintenance and less repairing costs.
Comfort Class: Noise and Vibration Measurements
Maskindynamikk carries out noise and vibration measurements according to DNV Comfort Class.

Maskindynamikk is a 3rd party representative and is objective in such matters.
Troubleshooting and Acceptance Testing
Using state-of-the-art equipment and years of experience Maskindynamikk can provide our customers with professional troubleshooting services within vibration and noise measurements.

Vibration measurements and analysis are also being used to determine and document the state of the machinery in topic.
ISO Certified Vibration Analysts
Maskindynamikk is currently employing vibration analysts certified according to ISO 18436-2 category III.
Shaft Power and Torsional Vibration Measurements
Our professional expertise combined with modern and accurate instrumentation makes us a natural choice when it comes to measuring and documenting shaft power- and torsional vibrations.
ITTC: Speed and Power Trials
Full-scale speed and power testing of ships determining the accuracy of the scale model of the design.
Multi-channel/Parameter Measurements
Measuring with multiple sensors is a big advantage when troubleshooting e.g. gearboxes. This kind of machinery contains several bearings, gearwheels and rotating shafts. Simultanious measurements of these components gives us a major advantage analysing the measured data.

We have several channels of telemetry and multi-channel DAQ-devices which makes us capable doing simultaneous strain gauge measurments from various shafts , multi-channel vibration and other voltage and current signals in general, e.g. pitch, order, feedback, roll and gps-reference.
Strain Gauge Measurements and Analysis
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