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Maskindynamikk is an official distributor of Emerson Process Management products, with an special emphasis on offline- and online condition monitoring products.

CSI 2140 Machinery Health Analyzer - Not All Vibration Measurements Are The Same

CSI 2140 Vibration data collection and analysis is the accepted cornerstone to any predictive maintenance or reliability program. Emerson’s CSI 2140 takes those vibration measurements to the next level with simultaneous four-channel plus phase data collection and unique peak detection capabilities for the earliest indication of bearing and gearbox degradation. The CSI 2140 was designed to meet the toughest user challenge. In addition to delivering faster data collection for less time in the field or more machines monitored, the CSI 2140 was ergonomically designed for comfortable, single hand operation - all day long.


CSI 6500 Machinery Health Monitor – Protection and Prediction in a Single Chassis

CSI 6500The CSI 6500 Machinery Health Monitor is designed for process automation and protection system upgrade projects and combines prediction and protection in a single chassis. Emerson is the leader of integrated technologies for process automation and plant-wide predictive technologies for managing both fixed and rotating assets. The CSI 6500 is fully compliant with API 670 and integrates protection, prediction, real-time performance monitoring and process automation. Emerson’s PlantWeb digital architecture provides enterprise-wide information needed for real-time decision making.

A Protection System You Can Count On

Missed trips, false trips, and running blind are not acceptable in your plant. The CSI 6500 helps prevent missed trips by using module self-health checking, instrumentation health monitoring and hot-swappable, external, redundant power. External power removes heat and user "touches" away from the rack.