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Maskindynamikk AS was founded in 1989, and our core business is condition monitoring and troubleshooting services of rotating machinery through measurements, analysis and diagnostics. Our personnel are certified vibration analysts up to ISO category III / ANST level III assisting our highly demanding customers both on- and offshore.

What is Our Knowledge and Experience

  • Strong knowledge and experience about a broad range of propulsion machinery and systems including normal as well as abnormal dynamic behaviour.
  • Strong knowlegde and experience concerning troubleshooting approaches in general, as well as methods and techniques to reaveal different kinds of mechanical problems, abnormal dynamic behaviour etc.
  • Strong knowledge and experience concerning Condition Monitoring in general, including system engineering, implementation, commissioning and steady state Condition Monitoring in general.
  • Long term experience with condition monitoring of machinery equipment like propulsion systems in general, including diesel engines, shaft couplings, transmission shafts and shaft systems, gearboxes, propellers, propeller thrusters in general, centrifugal pumps, centrifugal compressors, electrical motors and generators, large industrial centrifuges, fans etc.